Prof. Dr. Kurscheid

About Prof. Dr. Thomas Kurscheid

"Health is not down to chance, it is largely in your hands!"

This is the principle by which Prof. Dr. Thomas Kurscheid lives and works.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Kurscheid is a healthcare professional and specialist in general medicine, as well as a doctor of preventative medicine in favour of naturopathic treatments, sports medicine and nutritional medicine. In his Cologne practice he focuses on preventative medicine, working together with internal specialists, occupational healthcare professionals, psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists. Scientific exchange across Germany with colleagues in the Prevent.on health promotion group ensures high quality care. The work of Prof. Dr. Thomas Kurscheid goes far beyond family doctor care: his interdisciplinary care, based on experience, includes a sophisticated check-up programme and health coaching. Prof. Dr. Kurscheid uses his extensive experience and works with his patients to develop strategies for healthy living. Changes in day-to-day life play a particular role in this.

At Prof. Dr. Kurscheid's institute – in cooperation with renowned universities such as the German Sport University Cologne – devices, methods and processes are tested for their effectiveness and benefits to patients.

For many years Prof. Dr. Kurscheid has been a sought-after media expert and moderator, as he has the ability to communicate complex medical topics in a way that is interesting and accessible to all. As a consultant, he speaks on all health-related topics.